Managers & Supervisors

Separation Actions

Employees leave the University for many reasons, mostly voluntary. Aside from voluntary resignation or retirement, Employee & Labor Relations provides consultation on most separation actions. In some cases, consultation with Employee & Labor Relations is required before taking action. 

Please contact Employee & Labor Relations through HR ServiceNow before implementing a termination action.

General Information Regarding Ending UC Employment:

Letter of Resignation

Employees voluntarily resigning should provide you with a written letter of resignation. This also applies to retiring employees. Submitting retirement paperwork does not also terminate University employment. A retiring employee must also submit a letter of resignation to the home department.

Upon receipt of an employee's letter of resignation, the supervisor should write "Accepted" and sign his/her name on the letter. The resignation letter should be filed in the employee's personnel file.  If the employee resigns via email, the supervisor should reply "I accept your resignation" and print out both emails for the employee's personnel file. 

UC Benefits

The Office of the President provides a summary of what departing employees should consider regarding university benefits when Leaving UC Employment.Most university benefits end on the last day of the month in which employment ends. For example, if an employee’s last day of work is March 5, his/her health insurance will end on March 31. If the employee is eligible for and wishes to continue medical/dental/legal coverage as a retiree, he/she must retire within 120 days of separation from UC.

The Termination of Employment Benefits Factsheet explains how employee benefits are affected when UC employment ends. Please encourage departing employees to go over this information with the Benefits Office to be sure that they have taken all necessary actions.

Return of University Property

Employees should be asked to return all University property in their possession, including keys, electronic key cards, phones, laptops, radios. Any University property, including documents and records that they have been allowed to take home should be returned prior to the last day of employment. If an employee has a University Corporate Card or FlexCard, that should be returned to you prior to the last day of employment.

University Electronic Resources

Where applicable, employees should be asked to provide passwords or otherwise grant access to University email, voicemail or any other electronic resources to ensure continuity of University business operations. In some cases, access will not be required and your department may terminate email/other accounts as appropriate.

Parking Permits

Please remind departing employees to return their parking permit to Transportation & Parking Services to be cancelled. The permit is considered to be in use while it remains in the employee’s possession. The end of University employment does not automatically terminate the parking permit or the employee’s obligation to pay the applicable fees.