Managers & Supervisors

Policy-Covered Staff Performance Evaluation

- FY 2020-21 -


PART I:     The Shift to Performance Development

UC Santa Barbara is implementing a new fresh approach to performance evaluations for policy-covered staff.  The new form and process was developed over a five-month period with valuable input from a cross campus work group that began meeting in January 2020.  The new design of the form and process supports a performance development approach for our staff and moves away from an annual performance lookback process.  Our objective was to simplify the form and incorporate goal-based, forward looking, coaching conversations during the year.

The once a year look back to discuss an employee’s performance will be replaced with forward looking goal setting conversations and periodic check-ins throughout a 12 month cycle, culminating in an annual review.  The soft roll-out will take place this summer allowing supervisors to transition to the new approach in an abbreviated performance cycle over the next 9 months.  Beginning in April 2021, the paper form will be replaced with ePerformance, a module in UCPath, which incorporates the new form into an interactive web-based performance feedback process.

PART II:    Transition to ePerformance: July 2020 to March 2021

Key Components of the New Performance Development Program

Fixed Performance Evaluation cycle  Starts on April 1st and ends on March 31st each year
Goal-based, forward looking Set goals at the start of the performance year (April 1st). Goals can be job-based or for career development.  The employee’s goals should tie directly to the department’s mission and goals.
Regular check-ins Supervisor and employee meet after 4 months and 8 months to share feedback and check progress on goals
Coaching conversations Focus on what is most important for the employee’s performance development at that particular point in time.  Check-ins are not intended to be a comprehensive review of performance
Annual Performance Evaluation Wrap-up Takes place at the 12th month.  The evaluation is based on feedback from prior check-ins and the final three months of the performance year
Participating Employees Policy-covered staff
New One Page Form In July 2020, a one-page form (Word document) replaces the existing form through March 31st, 2021
New Web-Based Form and Process in April 2021 In April 2021, the process and form is incorporated into ePerformance, a module in UCPath, eliminating the paper form.  Performance evaluation cycles begin April 1st and end on March 31st in future years

PART III :   Three Phases of ePerformance Implementation

(for policy-covered staff)