Managers & Supervisors

UC Core Competencies

In May 2011 the University of California introduced a system-wide UC Core Competency Model. This model was based on the need to identify competencies that would serve as a foundational tool for the assessment and development of UC staff, managers and leaders. The UC Core Competencies can also be applied as standards to employment, compensation, performance management, career development, and succession management.

The UC Core Competencies are expected to be demonstrated in all UC employee roles to some degree. Those in the role of manager have an additional competency for which they are accountable.

This Competency Model is intended to describe target, expected or satisfactory performance behaviors at the University of California. Therefore, it is important that all staff and managers understand the competencies and the corresponding Individual Behavior Indicators for each competency;

  • Communication
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Employee Engagement
  • Innovation and Change Management
  • Job Mastery and Continuous Learning
  • Resource Management
  • Results Orientation and Execution
  • Service Focus
  • Teamwork and Collaboration
  • People Management