Managers & Supervisors

Performance, Attendance & Conduct


On occasion, a manager or supervisor may be confronted with a difficult employee situation or concern. Most of the concerns can usually be organized into one or more of the following areas: performance, attendance or conduct.

If your concerns involve one, some or many of these areas, please contact Employee & Labor Relations to discuss options for responding appropriately. The most important advice we can give is not to tolerate, minimize or ignore these concerns. Prompt, appropriate and consistent follow-up to any of these issues is always the best bet for improving a difficult situation with an employee's performance, attendance or conduct.

Examples of Performance Concerns

  • Poor quality of work
  • Job takes more time and effort than usual
  • Quality of work is less than acceptable
  • Deadlines are missed
  • Mistakes are made due to inattention or poor judgment
  • Complaints from customers/students/faculty/community

Examples of Attendance Concerns

  • Excessive use of sick leave
  • Frequent Monday and/or Friday absences
  • Repeated absences that follow a particular pattern
  • Excessive tardiness, in the morning and/or after lunch
  • Peculiar and/or improbable excuses for absences
  • Multiple instances of unauthorized leave

Examples of Conduct Concerns

  • Argumentative, difficult behavior, easily angered
  • Complaints from peers regarding poor interpersonal relationships
  • Drastic changes in physical appearance
  • Smell of alcohol and/or impaired physical ability
  • Verbal fights with co-workers/customers/others
  • Inappropriate or intimidating physical contact
  • Threats or actual physical violence towards people or property