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Empower and Appreciate

Be Active

Work Healthy

WorkLife Integration

Eat Well

Easy Action Steps

Empower and Appreciate

Empower + Appreciate

Feeling empowered and appreciated by colleagues and the organization is important to the university. 

Here are some easy action steps:

  • Send a thank you note

  • Nominate co-worker for an award

  • Explain the reasoning behind task delegation

  • Listen to your coworkers' suggestions

  • Say “great job” to a hard-working coworker

  • Say “thank you” if another employee helps you

  • Learn something new about each of your co-workers

  • Remind a co-worker that you appreciate their hard work

  • Take the time to say “good morning” to at least a few people in the office

  • Send note to your superior complimenting a coworker

  • Read book to enhance job skills; many free books are available from the university’s library

  • Encourage others to create an environment of appreciation and gratitude by saying "thank you" and recognizing work well done.

  • Encourage co-workers to visit the LearningCenter website for professional development opportunities and use other resources to participate in professional development

  • Host a lunch time or post work celebration for holidays or to acknowledge departments achievements

  • Post information about how to nominate co-workers for organizational or department awards

  • Talk to leadership in your department about ways to let co-workers give suggestions for improving the workplace and how to implement them as appropriate

  • Encourage leadership to communicate the rationale for task delegation and explain the reasoning behind processes

  • Have panel discussions or invite speakers to discuss issues of cultural and racial diversity with the entire department

  • Encourage recruitment of racially and culturally diverse individuals

  • Explore specific ways to improve diversity and inclusion on campus or in your community

  • Find specific ways to give back with community service opportunities in your area


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Be Active

Physical activity and movement is encouraged and supported during the workday. 

Here are some easy action steps you might want to try. Don’t forget to consult with a doctor before you engage in any new physical activity:

  • Walk or bike to work

  • Take a coworker on a walk

  • Participate in lunch time physical activity classes

  • Park an extra block away from the office or grocery store

  • Keep exercise equipment in the office (e.g., weights, yoga mat, running shoes)

  • Dedicate 5-10 minutes each day to practicing yoga/office stretches 

  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator whenever possible

  • Track your physical activity using a pedometer or odometer

  • Use a walking trail to explore different parts of campus like the meditative UCSB labyrinth, North Campus’ Open Space, or around the lagoon. Other walking paths are linked here, here and here

  • Set a calendar reminder to take stretch breaks throughout the day.

 For Supervisors:

  • Encourage employees to take lunch time walks or participate in physical activities

  • Engage your department in a walking/pedometer step challenge or other organized activity

  • Encourage co-workers to stand or walk while they are on the phone

  • Encourage co-workers to take micro breaks (30 seconds to 5 minutes) during the day to move and stretch

  • Try changing one meeting a week to a walking meeting and encourage co-workers to do the same


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Work Healthy

Ergonomics and technology are encouraged and supported to help us move, be healthy, and do our jobs better. 

  • Visit the Learning Center and take the UCSB Online Ergonomic Training & Assessment

  • Contact the campus Environmental Health and Safety office or website for assessments or information on how to construct an ergonomically sound workplace for various workstations, or request an evaluation. 


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Work-life integration

Work-life integration programs and resources support all aspects of our lives (work, family, and community). 

Here are some easy action steps:

  • Plan out your daily exercise in advance

  • Schedule “my time” during the week

  • Talk with others about expectations

  • Plan out your weekly schedule and include time for family or friends

  • Include designated relaxation time in your schedule

  • Meditate; you can download free apps like 

  • Schedule one thing you look forward to each day

  • Manage and prevent stress; find resources and support from the UCSB Academic & Staff Assistance Program (ASAP)

  • Create a backup plan in advance for when emergencies happen (e.g., bad weather, child getting sick). Bright Horizons may be able to assist. 

  • Take notice of activities that have minimal value to you and cut them out of your schedule

  • Organize an occupational stress workshop for your colleagues/direct reports; find workshops from ASAP

  • Flexible work arrangements may be available for you and/or your employees. Use our resources on flexible work arrangements

  • Understand the leave time you have earned. Learn more about the leave you may accumulate.

For Supervisors:

  • Encourage flexible working schedules where possible. 

  • Encourage employees to participate in one of the ongoing Faculty & Staff wellness classes.

  • Designate a private space in your department as a lactation room for nursing mothers (visit to learn how)

  • Organize a 30-minute before work or lunch-time meditation or yoga practice for your department. Find a quiet room for employees to comfortably sit. A person can guide the meditation, or you may try one of the many free apps that provide guided meditation and breathing exercises. 

  • Encourage employees to take mini mindfulness breaks at their desk throughout the day. The 3-minute breathing space is a great example of a mindfulness break.

  • Provide time for employees to learn more about work-life balance/life-skills through ASAP, Faculty & Staff Wellness, Work-Life, and more. 

  • Have regular meetings with employees to determine ways to reduce stress at work

  • Acknowledge and encourage the variety of dimensions and life situations that exist in your employee population


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Eat well

Healthy food options, programs, and resources are available to support employees in eating well. [swipe right to see article]

Here are some easy action steps. Please make sure to consult your doctor before changing your diet:

  • Challenge yourself to drink an extra glass of water today!

  • Eat breakfast 

  • Ask for healthy snacks at meetings

  • Eat lunch away from the computer

  • Put away the candy bowl

  • Visit a local farmers market or sign up for the CSA at UCSB

  • Try a new vegetable or fruit this week

For supervisors:

  • If you can, obtain sufficient refrigeration space for all employees

  • Organize healthy potluck meals at work

  • Create a bulletin board or shared folder to share healthy recipes with co-workers

  • Ask meeting and event planners to have healthier snacks or meals

  • Replace clear candy jars with opaque covered containers

  • Choose healthier foods/snacks in vending machines and encourage others to do the same

  • Make fresh drinking water available with a water cooler or water filter on at least one faucet

  • Encourage employees to bring reusable drinking cups/bottles instead of using disposable water bottles

  • Bring in healthy snacks like nuts, fruit, carrot sticks, hummus, etc. and encourage others to do the same

  • Develop a shared cleaning schedule for your break area if cleaning services are not provided

  • Put a fresh fruit bowl in the break area, and encourage others to add to it or contribute money to purchase new food regularly

  • Use non-food items as rewards at meetings like gift cards, flowers or balloons

  • Become familiar with the many healthy food options around campus:


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