How do I process a lateral transfer or lateral reclass?

A Lateral Transfer is when one employee moves into another position of the same classification and level, usually a different budget provision.  A Lateral Reclass is when an employee moves into a different position with a different classification but same level (same salary max), and they usually take their budget provision with them.

Processing a Lateral Transfer-

  1. The supervisor/manager submits an Update for the Job Description the employee is moving into.  They will need to fill out the Briefly explain the basis for updating this Job Description: field on the Action Justification tab, explaining the purpose for a Lateral Transfer.
  2. They will also need to send an email to the Employment Manager explaining what they are doing.
  3. Compensation will approve/deny the Update.

Processing a Lateral Reclass-

1. The supervisor/manager submits a Reclass for the job description.

2. The Compensation Analyst follows the procedures for denying or approving a Reclass (no employment involvement is needed).



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