Online Time Reporting Lab (PPS)

Friday, April 14 2017
Friday, April 21 2017
Friday, April 28 2017
2:00pm to 4:00pm
Social Science & Media Studies, Room 1005

Attend one session



Payroll/Personnel System (PPS)

PPS User Type:

Required for Preparers and Time Reporters




Please log into the Learn Center:

Enroll By April 4th

More Information:

PPS training is mandatory for those who prepare and/or review personnel transactions and/or process payroll time reporting transactions online.


If you need to take PPS Training, first determine your PPS user type(s), and then view which PPS courses are required for your user type(s).


Participants taking PPS classes for the first time, or changing departmental access (e.g., moving from one department to another), will need to submit a PPS Access Request Form to Business & Financial Services prior to attending PPS classes.