New Employee Orientation

Tuesday, November 19 2019
Tuesday, December 17 2019
Tuesday, January 21 2020
Human Resources Learning Center (SAASB 3101DD) on the third floor of Student Affairs & Administrative Services Building

New Employee Orientation (NEO) welcomes new employees and employees with longer-service who just recently became eligible for UC benefits. NEO provides an introduction to UCSB and important information about the University of California, history and culture of UCSB, policies and procedures, training and development opportunities, services and resources available to employees, workplace protections and responsibilities, health and welfare benefits, retirement programs, and more.

All new employees should attend New Employee Orientation as soon as possible following their date of hire. New staff members have 31 days from their first day at work to enroll in UC benefits. Faculty have a second 31-day period of eligibility that begins on their first day on campus. Employees who are newly eligible for benefits have 31 days from their new effective date to enroll in benefits.

Postdoctoral Scholars - Please refer to the Benefits section of this website for enrollment and benefits information, as your program is different from the information presented at NEO.