Monthly Presentation/Discussion Group - on Campus

Thursday, April 12 to Thursday, December 20 2018
UCSB Human Resources, SAASB, 3rd Floor

UCSB Emeriti/Retirees Center - Presentation/Discussion Groups 2018
UCSB Human Resources, Learning Center, 3P – 4:30P

May 23 Power Against Fraud/Communities Against Senior Exploitation
  Vicki Johnson, Elder & Dependent Adult Advocacy & Outreach Program
A program of the Santa Barbara County District Attorney’s Office to provide fraud prevention, intervention, and victim support.

Jun 27  Long Term Care Planning: Preserving Your Nest Egg
Brad Tisdale, Tisdale Insurance Services
People put sophisticated plans in place to support their lifestyle during retirement. These plans are designed to create an income stream to pay everyday living expenses. As we age however, our reality is that our medical costs will increase. Brad will discuss these topics.

Jul 25  Retirement Funding Solutions & Reverse Mortgage
  Tom Kronen, Retirement Funding Solutions
Retirement Funding Solutions was created to address and solve for one of the most significant challenges facing the Baby Boomer Generation today….being financially prepared for your retirement years.

Aug 22  Happy To 102/The Blue Zone
  Marilyn Berman, Director of Client Services, Home Care Assistance
Optimizing the wellness of seniors and bring energy, independence and joy in this special phase of life.

Sep 26  Healthy Eating for Seniors
  Sansum Health Ed
  Staying healthy with smart choices. 

Oct 24  Preparing An Emergency Binder
  Ellin Osler
How will your relatives or emergency responders know your wishes? Ellin Osler will help us create an emergency plan.

Nov 28 Strategies for Drawing Income in Retirement; Preserving Your Savings for Future Generations
Cesar Cap and Andrew Fung
Ways to help make your savings may last, and retirement challenges you may face. How an estate plan can help you preserve your assets and control the distribution of your estate. Covers wills and probate, power of attorney, healthcare proxies, and gifting and insurance replacement strategies.

Dec 19 Healthy Aging
Kenneth Kosik, UCSB Professor of Neuroscience
How does the study of genes, molecules and cells apply to healthy aging?