Talent Acquisition

Waivers of Recruitment

PPSM 20.III.H. - Waiver of Recruitment for Career and Contract Appointments. Competitive recruitment is normally expected for all career and contract open. positions. A waiver of open recruitment for filling a vacant career position may be authorized by Human Resources based on special circumstances and in accordance with equal opportunity and affirmative action objectives. Special circumstances may include:

  • Previous recruitment attempts did not result in identifying a qualified
    candidate pool, and/or recruitment difficulties in attracting candidates with the
    required skills, knowledge and abilities unique to the position have been
  • Unanticipated business requirements warrant filling the position on an
    immediate basis and the time needed to conduct a search would have a
    negative impact on meeting critical operational needs of the department or
    would violate a formal contractual obligation of the University.
  • There are special appointment conditions, such as an organizational entity or
    program moving to the location along with specified current employees.
  • The delay resulting from conducting a competitive recruitment would
    endanger health and safety.

Steps for Requesting a Waiver of Open Recruitment

  1. Prior to submitting your request, consult with Talent Acquisition.
  2. Submit an online job description or job description update action to Compensation as appropriate.
  3. Create a job opening for a direct hire in TAM. After the job opening has been saved and submitted in TAM, browse for your draft job opening (Note: It will take up to 20 minuties before the job opening will appear in "Browse Job Openings".). Use the “Activity & Attachments” tab to upload:
    • The completed Request for a Waiver of Open Recruitment form
    • The approved Job Description from OACIS
  4. Have the candidatee register in TAM, apply without selecting a job and attach his/her/their current resume. Talent Acquisition will link the application to the job opening for the direct hire. 
  5. Written notice of the completion of the waiver approval process or denial of the request will be forwarded to the department, and the job status and applicant status will be updated in TAM by Human Resources accordingly.