Talent Acquisition

Internal Promotions

PPSM 20.III.D.2.b - Internal Promotion. To support the career progress of current staff employees, the University may offer promotional opportunities to qualified candidates. Internal promotions are intended to recognize growth and development in the professional skills, knowledge, and responsibilities of current career staff employees. Internal promotion opportunities must be consistent with the University’s equal employment and affirmative action objectives, as well as the employee’s qualifications and job performance. To provide career development opportunities for its employees and fulfill its affirmative action and equal opportunity commitment, the University will give special consideration to qualified career employees who have been recommended for promotion into new or vacant positions within their divisions and as supported by their dean and/or divisional control point. These promotional opportunities will be provided as consistent with employee qualifications, achievement, development, and job performance.

Steps for requesting an internal promotion:

  1. Prior to submitting your request, consult with Talent Acquisition.
  2. Submit an online job description or job description update action to Compensation as appropriate.
  3. Create a job opening for a direct hire in TAM. After the job opening has been saved and submitted in TAM, browse for your draft job opening (Note: Due to the run time of the Search Index, it may take up to 20 minutes before the job opening will appear in "Browse Job Openings".). Use the “Activity & Attachments” tab to upload: 1) the approved job description from OACIS and 2) the internal promotion policy request memo, as supported by the dean and/or divisional control point.
  4. Have the candidate register in TAM, apply without selecting a job and attach his/her/their current resume. Talent Acquisition will link the application to the job opening for the direct hire.

Following a review of the request by Human Resources and the Equal Opportunity & Discriminatin Prevention Office, you will be informed that the request has been approved or denied. Any approved requests are then processed in TAM by Talent Acquisition.