UCSB is committed to hiring qualified and talented people as outstanding employees, leaders and managers. The Employment Unit is available to assist department in:

  • Developing effective job postings using OACIS, UCSB's Online Application and Classification Information System
  • Developing a diverse candidate pool through the use of strategic advertising
  • Providing guidance on screening applications, interviewing, reference checking, and setting the salary
  • Ultimately, offering the job.

The University has a strong commitment to the principles of diversity, inclusion, and ensuring nondiscrimination in the workplace. UCSB is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.

The Steps of Recruitment

About OACIS (UCSB's Online Application & Classification Information System)

OACIS is UCSB’s online system for administering employment and classification functions. This system is used by campus to submit requisitions, review applications, administer details of the recruitment, create job descriptions, update job descriptions, and request reclassifications.

Requesting an OACIS Account

Ask your supervisor to email Katherine Abad (katherine.abad@hr.ucsb.edu) with the following information:

  • Name of new user
  • User Type (Preparer or Submitter)
  • Department(s) the user will need access to
  • OR If your supervisor is currently a Reviewer or Submitter in the OACIS system, he/she can request a new user online.

Posting Your Vacancy

To initiate the recruitment process, the hiring department completes an online Requisition (Quick Tutorial on creating a requisition using OACIS) and submits it to Compensation Unit for classification. Employment then reviews the job duties and requirements and discusses the recruitment and screening process with the hiring department. The Employment Representative will assist campus departments regarding campus selection guidelines, hiring policies, Affirmative Action goals and diversity objectives in order to fill the position with the best qualified candidate.

Scope of Recruitment

Most of the recruitments that UCSB conducts are external open recruitments.  On occasion, an internal or internal-to-external recruitment may be conducted in support of career progress consistent with UC policy.  As a general practice, internal recruitments are limited to current UCSB career employees. When deciding the scope of a recruitment and whether or not to proceed with an internal-only recruitment, the discussion between the hiring department and the recruiter will include a review of any affirmative action goals, the available feeder titles, the diversity of those occupying the available feeder titles, and also the availability of qualified internal candidates who occupy those feeder titles.

Screening and Interviewing Your Applicants

The hiring department is notified when applications are ready for review online (Quick Tutorial for viewing). The Employment Representative must approve the selected finalists before the department may set up interviews. Note: UCSB employees who are exercising any rehire rights (e.g., laid-off employee or a disabled/medically separated employee with a medical release to return to work) must be considered prior to any other applicants.

Checking References

Prior to making the final offer to a candidate, the hiring department is responsible to conduct reference checks of the finalists. Additionally, if a finalist is a current or former UCSB employee, the hiring department is responsible to review the UCSB personnel file for the finalist. Sample reference check form.

Completing the Applicant Evaluations

Online Applicant Evaluations are completed within the online employment system for each interviewee, documenting reasons for selection/non-selection.

Completing the Hiring Proposal and Extending the Offer

Prior to the extension of the job offer by the Employment Representative, the hiring department is responsible to complete a hiring proposal for a single hire (Quick Tutorial on Hiring Proposal for Single Hire) or a multi-hire (Quick Tutorial on Hiring Proposal for Multiple Hires).
No job offers or hiring commitments can be made by the hiring department without prior approval by the Employment Representative.

Notifying Your Non-Selected Applicants

It is the responsibility of the hiring department to notify the unsuccessful applicants. Please Note: You can opt to have automatic emails sent to applicants not selected for hire.