Talent Acquisition

Reemployment of Retirees

How to Hire a UC Retiree

Department managers, learn how to hire a UC retiree at UC Santa Barbara.

Important: Review the Rehired Retiree Fact Sheet

  • The Chancellor is required to endorse/approve all retiree appointment requests through the UBEN 138 approval form.
    • Rehired retiree requests are exempt from the UCSB Job Opening Review Process. 
  • Submit your paperwork 30 to 60 days in advance of the requested start date to avoid any approval delays.
  • Do not enter retiree appointments in UCPath until after the appointment is approved by the Chancellor/Human Resources.

Steps to Request to Rehire a Retiree

  1. Review the UC rehire policy: UCnet - Rehired Retirees (PDF) 
  2. Complete all necessary documents for submission
    1. Create or update a limited job description in OACIS that is reflective of the requested rehired retiree’s duties
    2. Review the “Forms” section of the Rehired Retiree site. The UBEN 138 PDF can be used to see what the form entails (not for submission); however, the UBEN 138 Docusign form must be used when you’re ready to submit your request
      1. When submitting the UBEN 138 Docusign, you must include:
        1. Approved limited job description
        2. If your initial request for the retiree’s salary is above midpoint, you must also submit an Above Midpoint Request Form
      2. A UCRP Reemployed Retiree Notification form, UBEN 1039 will also be required from the retiree prior to the retiree being hired in UCPath. You may upload it with your UBEN 138 Docusign request if the 1039 has been signed at the time of the request or you may provide it to HR after the UBEN 138 has been approved
  3. Once your request has been submitted, Human Resources will review your request and either submit it to the Chancellor for approval OR deny your request
    1. If denied due to inaccurate information, you will need to resubmit a new UBEN 138 Docusign (it is important that you ensure all information in the UBEN 138 is correct to avoid resubmission and delays)
    2. If approved, Human Resources will contact you regarding next steps
  4. Create a new appointment in UCPath & Initiate the Background (if applicable)
    1. Be sure to use employee class "15" for a retiree appointment, UCPath will eventually convert it to a "4" Limited
    2. Submit the UBEN 1039 in UCPath when uploading the appointment
    3. Initiate the Background Check (most appointments do require a background check)
      1. If your department has a Universal account, submit your request through the Universal Portal
      2. If your department does not have a Universal account, fill out the Background Check Processing Request form, and it will be submitted by Employment

More Information

For more information on requesting to rehire a retiree, please reach out to Tori Stoeckinger in Employment. 

For Academic requests for Rehired Retiree, please contact Academic Personnel for further assistance.