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Mandated Reporter

California’s Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Act (“CANRA”) requires employers, including the University, to identify “Mandated Reporters” (individuals required to report observed or suspected child abuse or neglect to designated law enforcement or social service agencies) and secure, as a condition of employment, acknowledgement of their status and reporting obligations.

To report observed or suspected child abuse or neglect, contact the University Compliance Hotline, 800-403-4744

To affirm compliance with these statutory requirements, we ask that your departments:

  • Have their Mandated Reporters (i.e., all licensed health professionals and all employees assigned to campus police departments, child care centers, day camps, K-12 programs, and other areas as applicable) complete and sign the CANRA Acknowledgement Form.
  • Have their newly identified Mandated Reporters (i.e., athletic coaches, including graduate assistants; and postsecondary employees and administrators whose duties bring them into regular contact with children, or who supervise such employees or administrators) complete and sign the CANRA Acknowledgement Form.
  • Maintain the List of Mandated Reporters with Signed Certifications report. The spreadsheet is intended for departments to document that they have identified Mandated Reporters and to confirm that signed Statement Forms are on file for these positions.
  • Determine what, if any, training is necessary and appropriate to advise their Mandated Reporters on the subject of child abuse and neglect identification and reporting and of their obligations under the Act. 

To access the UC/Praesidium CANRA training, please contact one of the following individuals:

Ron Betancourt (ron.betancourt@ehs.ucsb.edu, ext. 5837)

Note: While the training will not be automatically tracked in the UC Learning Center, you are invited to enter it as self-reported training.

Questions?  Please contact:

June Betancourt ( , ext. 5728) for academic employees

Melinda Crawford ( , ext. 5781) for non-academic employees

For additional information and resources:

UC Policy on Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect (CANRA)

California Mandatory Violence Law, Cal. Penal Code §§ 11160-11163.6

Dependent Adults and Elders, Cal. Welfare & Institutions Code § 15630

California Department of Social Services: Hotlines and Other Resources

California Department of Justice

Mandated Reporter Training: Child Abuse Mandated Reporter Training Project

CDC Website on Child Maltreatment Prevention

California Attorney General Citizen’s Guide to Preventing Elder Abuse

Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act Information

Clery Act Report and Requirements of the Clery Act