Talent Acquisition

Criminal History Background Checks

The University of California, Santa Barbara strives to provide the safest possible work environment; to protect key organizational assets such as people, property, and personal or other sensitive information; and to enable hiring authorities to make prudent employment decisions for career, limited appointment, contract, and student employee positions designated as critical based upon more comprehensive job-related information as consistent with Systemwide Personnel Policies for Staff Members - Policy 21.E: Background Checks (revised 2/3/17).

To support these efforts and to minimize risk to the University, a criminal history background check, which is conducted as a Universal (our University standard) or as a Live Scan background check, is required for the candidate recommended for hire into a critical position. An offer of employment must be contingent upon completion of a satisfactory criminal history background check.

Effective on June 1, 2020, Universal Background Screening replaced HireRight as our campus vendor for online, third-party background checks. 

To place a Universal order for a non-TAM (Talent Acquisition Manager) hire:

  • If the department does not have a Universal account: 
  1. Complete the Background Check Processing Request. Note: This Google form has replaced the old Fingerpritnt Authorization Form A.
  2. Have the candidate complete the Authorization to Release Information for the employee's department records.
  3. Upon receipt of the completed Background Check Processing Request. Human Resources will place the Universal background check order.
  • If the department has a Universal account:
  1. Login at https://portal7.universalbackground.com/
  2. Click on New
  3. Select e-Forms Invitation from the drop-down menu and complete the form
  • Select Background Check Package - Standard Criminal Check (Note: Other packages are available only for clinicians and employees who have driving as a regular part of their job.)
  • Complete all required fields, including Position/Job (=Position Number)
  • Enter the Employee ID if the request is for an existing employee

To place a Universal order for a hire being processed in TAM (Talent Acquisition Manager):

  • If the department has a Universal account, please initiate the Pre-Employment Check in TAM once the job offer has been accepted and follow the above steps after being redirected to the Universal site.
  • If the department doesn't have a Univeral account, the department's recruiter will initiate the Pre-Employment Check in TAM.

Note: Live Scan California DOJ (Department of Justice)/FBI background checks continue to be required for the following positions only.

  • Senior Management Group (SMG) positions
  • Designated officials
  • Positions with Career Tracks (CT) grade of M3 or M4
  • Clinicians and child care workers 
  • Positions with master key access  
  • Positions which have the ability to cause physical harm to others
  • Positions with significant check-writing authority and/or access to significant cash or cash equivalents (e.g., $10,000+; does not include cash drawers)
  • Positions with universal access to personally identifying information

Required Forms for Live Scan (Fingerprint) Background Checks

  • Background Check Processing Request (This Google form has replaced the old Fingerpritnt Authorization Form A.)
  • Authorization to Release Information
  • Request for Live Scan Services  (Important Note: The Request for Live Scan Service form is only available from Human Resources. If the candidate/employee attends their appointment without this form in hand, the Live Scan operator can charge the candidate/employee for the full cost of the rolling fee plus the Live Scan processing fee.)

Live Scan Locations:

  • A California city police or a California county sheriff's department. Click here for a "local" list.  For other listings by county, visit: https://oag.ca.gov/fingerprints/locations.
  • UCSB-approved Mobile Live Scan Operator. Click here for details.
    • Accu-Prints
    • Lori's Mobile Notary Services & Fingerprinting

For questions regarding the background check process, submit email to backgroundcheck@hr.ucsb.edu. For more information regarding background checks, please visit hr.ucsb.edu/employment/hiring/background-checks