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Workplace Accommodations


UC Santa Barbara is committed to growing a diverse workforce. In doing so, we seek to provide reasonable accommodations, also called workplace accommodations, for any staff, faculty, academic, or student employee with disability-related limitations or restrictions.

The UCSB Workplace Accommodation Specialists, Vanessa Asbury and Elizabeth Delo, help the employee and their supervisor explore possible reasonable accommodations using the interactive process. This is in compliance with UC Policy, Collective Bargaining Agreements, The Academic Personnel ManualThe Federal Americans with Disabilities Act, and the California Fair Employment and Housing Act.


A reasonable accommodation can include, but is not limited to:

  • Modified job duties
  • Modified work schedule
  • Providing assistive equipment

Interactive Process

The interactive process involves ongoing communication between an employee with a disability and their supervisor in an effort to provide reasonable workplace accommodations. During the interactive process, all medical information will be kept confidential.  We will only discuss your disability related limitations and restrictions as it relates to your job functions.

This process should include:

  • The employee, the supervisor, and workplace accommodations specialist, if needed
  • Direct & timely communication between a supervisor and an employee
  • Documentation of the discussion and the agreed upon accommodation(s)

If you are an applicant for employment requesting accommodation, please contact the Employment Unit.

If you are a student seeking academic accommodations, please contact Disabled Students Program.

Process to Request Workplace Accommodations

An employee should notify their supervisor or Chair that they are requesting an accommodation (no diagnosis or confidential medical information should be shared).

The employee also needs to have their medical provider fill out The Medical Response for a Reasonable Accommodation Request form to be sent directly to Vanessa Asbury at vanessa.asbury@hr.ucsb.edu or elizabeth.delo@hr.ucsb.edu.

Once the supporting medical information has been received, we will set up an interactive process meeting with the employee and supervisor to discuss and decide on workplace accommodation ideas.


Workplace Accommodations (based upon an employees own health condition)

Employees who are at increased risk of severe illness from COVID-19 because of an underlying medical condition/disability may request reasonable accommodations.

The Workplace Accommodations team can provide guidance and assistance to identify reasonable accommodations that could reduce COVID-19 related risks. Depending on the circumstances, some examples of workplace accommodations may include: providing additional personal protective equipment (PPE); enhancing physical distancing or modifying the work location; modifying work schedules; modifying non-essential job functions; remote work; or a leave of absence.

To request a COVID-19 related accommodation, an employee should notify their supervisor or Chair and have their medical provider fill out The Medical Response for a Reasonable Accommodation Request form to be sent directly to Vanessa Asbury at vanessa.asbury@hr.ucsb.edu.

Workplace Adjustments (based upon age or caring for/living with an individual at increased risk)

A workplace adjustment is not a reasonable accommodation however, we strive to explore options to mitigate increased risk based on an employee’s age or for an employee who is caring for/living with an individual at increased risk. 

To request a COVID-19 related adjustment, an employee should ask their supervisor or Chair. Vanessa Asbury is available to help employees and supervisors explore ideas to help mitigate risk however no medical documentation is needed and the determination to provide an adjustment is up to the department based upon operational needs.  

Childcare Related Adjustments

If your request for a COVID-19 related workplace adjustment is childcare related, please see the Work-Life Resource webpage and contact Shira Minerd, Work-Life Resource Coordinator shira.minerd@hr.ucsb.edu.


Campus Emergency Response-- please see the Environmental Health and Safety website for Emergency Response Procedures for Individuals with Disabilities and to sign up for the UCSB Emergency Response Program.

Campus Accessibility Resources- Please see ADA Compliance Office webpage
Campus Parking-- Please see Transportation and Parking Services Disabled Parking webpage


We are here to help! If you have questions about workplace accommodations, please contact Vanessa Asbury at vanessa.asbury@hr.ucsb.edu or Elizabeth Delo at elizabeth.delo@hr.ucsb.edu. You may also visit ServiceNow: Accommodation Help/ Question (login using your UCSBNetID and password)