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UC Santa Barbara strives to live up to our reputation as Santa Barbara’s “Best Place to Work” by supporting faculty, staff, and students, in the pursuit of a fully integrated life. The university offers programs, policies, referrals and education that enable people to be effective, engaged and satisfied at work, school, and home.

The Work-Life Resources Program partners with other campus organizations and departments to pursue “whole-person” wellness for all university employees. Work-life integration means the pursuit of wellness across all five dimensions: ***Career, Social, Financial, Physical, and Community*** The following resources are in pursuit of these goals, and highlight services found at UCSB, as well as outside the University in the surrounding communities.

Please note that we do not recommend or endorse any particular non-university resource on this portal; however, we do endorse the careful review and evaluation of services that best meet the needs of your family. This webpage is still under construction. If you need support finding resources for yourself or your family, or have resources or events that you would like included on this page, please contact the Work-Life Resource Coordinator.

For Managers & Supervisors

Coming soon!Creating a family-friendly department: Toolkit for Managers & Supervisors

Family Resources

We have collected a large number of resources for faculty, staff, and students on the My Family Resources page. Resources include Child Care, Summer Camps, backup care, elder care, nutrition and housing information, social support, and policies. Click on the appropriate link below to see more! 

Lactation & Breastfeeding Support

The University of California recognizes the importance and benefits of  of breastfeeding for both mothers and their infants. UCSB is committed to providing the information and support needed if you choose to breastfeed or express milk. Please refer to the Lactation Support Program Page for on and off campus resources.

Health & Wellness

The Work-Life Resources Program partners with other campus organizations and departments to pursue "whole person" wellness for all university employees. UC Santa Barbara has a wide range of programs and services that support our community of faculty, staff and students with work/life concerns. 

UC Living Well

UC Living Well provides activities and resources to help faculty, staff and retirees reach their wellness goals. For more information, see the UC Living Well website.

Recreation & Physical Activity 

Gaucho REC (Recreation & Excercise Classes) are once or twice weekly throughout the day and evening.  Classes are open to UCSB faculty, staff, students, alumni, affiliates and community members.
Learn more about these classes.

Recreation Wellness Programs

The UCSB Recreation center offers several programs specifically geared towards Faculty & Staff to keep you moving and fit:

  • Walk UCSB
  • Power Walk
  • Fit For Life
  • L.I.F.E. Circuit Class
  • Eat Right UCSB

Learn more about these staff and faculty wellness programs.

Take a walk on your break!

Use a walking trail to explore different parts of campus like the meditative UCSB labyrinth, North Campus’ Open Space, or around the lagoon. Other walking paths are linked here, here and here



Healthy Campus Network The Healthy Campus Network at UCSB is a group whose mission is to promote the overall health and well-being of staff, faculty and students.

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) at UCSB
CSA at UCSB gives students, staff, and faculty the opportunity to invest in an organic farmer from Goleta, John Givens, and get a fresh box of produce weekly. The benefits of CSA are numerous. As a CSA member, you receive boxes of fresh, seasonal and organic produce, reduce greenhouse gas emissions related to transporting food, reduce solid waste due to less packaging, and aid community building through supporting a local business.

You can choose from two box sizes, regular or large.  The boxes are dropped off every Thursday at the UCSB Mosher Alumni House from 12pm-1pm.

For more information and to sign up visit: Something Good Organics

Mindful UCSB

Mindfulness is paying attention on purpose, in the present moment, and without judgement, to the unfolding of experience moment to moment. Mindfulness practice is an evidence-based program used to enhance wellness by teaching individuals how to engage and sustain their nonjudgmental awareness and attention in daily life.



  1. Many meditations focus on the breath. Not because there is anything special about it, but because the physical sensation of breathing is always there and you can use it as an anchor to the present moment.
  2. Throughout your meditation, you may find yourself caught up in thoughts, emotions, sounds—wherever your mind goes, simply come back again to the next breath. Even if you only come back once, that’s okay.

These confidential services provide support for the various situations which may occur during your employment and/or studies:

UCSB Academic & Staff Assistance Program (ASAP)
Office of the Ombuds

Tobacco and Smoking Cessation

UC is committed to helping Faculty, Staff and Retirees quit smoking.

Smoke and Tobacco Free UCSB

UC's Benefit Programs offer smoking cessation services to faculty and staff

Workplace Flexibility & Community Building

Workplace Flexibility

UCSB Community

Find staff organizations, campus events, and get life tasks done on campus by getting connected, engaged and involved with UC Santa Barbara!

Financial Resources & Housing Information

Seven out of ten American workers say financial stress is their most common cause of stress. Financial pressures can impact productivity, engagement, absence rates, retention and even employee health. Financial Stress is listed as the #1 stressor for U.S. adults for the 7th year in a row according to the 2015 American Psychological Association annual Stress in America report. 20% of employees report that issues with personal finances have been a distraction at work. 37% say that at work each week, they spend three hours or more thinking about or dealing with issues related to their personal finances. University of California offers free financial education classes to all employees and each campus has a dedicated Fidelity financial educator who can do group presentations to your unit/department covering a wide range of topics relevant to your staff.

Financial & Savings Resources includes information about the College Savings Plan, Emergency Loans, Tuition Assistance, Loan Forgiveness Program, and general financial planning and assistance. 

UCSB Faculty & Staff Housing

Employee Discounts


Work-Life News & Events

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