Employee Services


Financial assistance, college savings and insurance programs.

Auto/Renter/Homeowner Insurance

UC employees have access to group rates for auto, renter and homeowners insurance through California Casualty. Employees deal directly with the insurer, and premiums may be paid through payroll deduction.

For more information, contact California Casualty.

College Savings Plan

ScholarShare is California’s 529 College Savings Plan.

Whether your child or loved one is a newborn or entering high school, ScholarShare can help you achieve your college savings goals.

Plan advantages include:

  • State and federal income tax deferral on any earnings
  • Withdrawals for qualified higher education expenses are state and federal income tax free
  • For use at many schools nationwide and abroad — undergraduate and graduate programs, community colleges and trade schools
  • Low minimum contribution of just $25 and a high maximum account balance
  • A low, annual asset-based fee and no annual account maintenance fees
  • Family and friends may contribute

For more information or to enroll contact ScholarShare:
ScholarShare website
Customer Service:  1-800-544-5248

UC enrollment/payroll deduction form

Emergency Loan

Emergency loans are available to UCSB employees who have an immediate need for funds as the result of an emergency and have no other source of money available within the time necessary to act, or who have a dire personal financial hardship.

How to apply for an emergency loan

The University has contracted with two credit unions to provide emergency loans.  Please use the online tools at the following websites to apply for an emergency loan.

University Credit Union
(800) 828-4510

USE Credit Union
(886) 873-4968

Assistance with Mortgage/Home Ownership

Keep Your Home California - Helps low and moderate income homeowners retain their homes due to financial hardship. 

Financial Planning and Assistance

There are several resources available in the community to help you with financial planning and money management: