Is dual employment allowed under policy?

Dual employment is only allowed in certain circumstances. Delegation of Authority 2070 (July 29, 1996) authorizes Chancellors, the Laboratory Director, the Executive Vice President–Business Operations, and the Vice President–Agriculture and Natural Resources to approve dual employment if all of the following criteria are met:

a. The employee is appointed to a full-time position in the Professional & Support Staff personnel group;

b. The additional work is in another department or in a different classification in the same department;

c. It is impractical to employ another person;

d. The additional appointment will not exceed a total of twelve calendar months;

e. The time worked in the additional appointment will not have a negative impact on the employee’s performance; and

f. The employee’s full-time department head agrees to the arrangement.


Locations may have local procedures with additional restrictions to those listed above. Otherwise, PPSM 30, Section K. states that an employee with a 100% appointment can only receive additional compensation from the University for:

• Overtime earned by non-exempt employees,

• Teaching regularly scheduled University Extension courses, and

• Administrative stipends.


An employee who receives additional compensation for any of these reasons does not have dual employment.





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