Current Employees

My Personnel File

Your official University personnel file is maintained by your home department. All staff personnel records should be maintained in a secured and confidential location.

Generally, your personnel file should contain:

  • Job description
  • Recruitment documents (application, resume, etc.)
  • Personnel Action Notices (PAN's), Personnel Action Forms (PAF's) and other payroll-related documents
  • Performance Evaluations (signed originals)
  • Time cards for prior year(s)
  • Awards, Nominations, other commendation letters
  • If applicable, corrective action or disciplinary letters

Access to Personnel Files

If you wish, you can schedule an opportunity to review your personnel file or get a copy of your file. You must submit a written request to your supervisor, specifying if you want to view the file or have a copy. Your department will schedule an opportunity for you to view the file or provide a copy within a reasonable time period. You are not entitled to immediate access or a copy of the file on demand.

If you are a finalist for a position in another department or at another UC location, the hiring department may review your current personnel file as part of a reference check.

Please review the campus guidance on responding to requests for information to understand how the University responds to requests for access to employee personnel files made by persons outside your department or the University.

Please note that these access provisions only provide to current UC employees.  After you leave UC employment, requests for access to University records falls under the same campus guidance referenced above.  

Grievance/Complaint Files

A personnel file should not contain formal grievances or complaints filed by an employee. The home department will maintain a separate file for any grievances or complaints filed by the employee while the grievance/complaint is in process. If you have concerns that a grievance or complaint document has been improperly included in your personnel file, please contact your supervisor or Employee & Labor Relations.

Medical and/or Workers' Compensation Files

To protect your privacy, your home department should exclude any documents related to an injury or disability from your personnel file. If you have concerns that a document has been improperly included in your personnel file, please contact your supervisor or Employee & Labor Relations.

Adding or Removing Documents

All documents in an employee’s personnel file are the property of the University. The retention of documents in the personnel file is subject to Business & Finance Bulletins on Record Management and the UC Records Retention Schedule as well as relevant sections of the applicable policy or collective bargaining agreement.

You may request to add documents to your personnel file. The request should be directed to your supervisor. In most cases, your supervisor has the discretion to approve or deny your request to add a document to your personnel file.

You may also request to remove a disciplinary and/or corrective action document from your personnel file.  The decision to remove these types of documents is generally at the discretion of management. In certain limited circumstances, an employee may be entitled to request to have certain types of documents removed pursuant to the applicable policy or collective bargaining agreement.  The request for removal must be made in writing and directed to your supervisor. Note:  An employee may request to remove a document for the personnel file, but this does not mean the document is destroyed. Documents removed from an employee’s file are stored in Employee & Labor Relations for the remainder of the applicable record retention period.

Transfer of Personnel Files

If you transfer to another campus department or UC location while employed at the University, your original personnel file will be transferred to your new home department and supervisor.



When the information presented on this web page or elsewhere on this site is in conflict with University policies, procedures or applicable collective bargaining agreements, the terms of those University policies, procedures and agreements shall govern.