Current Employees

Managing Conflicts

When individuals work together, they may have different goals and work styles. Because of this, conflict can sometimes result. However, if the conflict is handled effectively, a potentially disruptive event can be turned into an opportunity for improved communication and greater productivity.

Examples of situations that can lead to conflict include:

  • Misunderstandings or lack of information
  • Increased stress
  • Changes in the workplace
  • Adjusting to a different style of supervision
  • Evaluation of work performance
  • Personal situations that affect work performance

We offer a wide range of services and support to help you address concerns and conflicts in your workplace. We encourage you to try direct communication whenever possible to promptly resolve your workplace concerns. Employee & Labor Relations can assist you in evaluating a difficult situation involving co-workers/supervisor/manager and provide options for resolution. While the University has formal complaint or grievance procedures, please consider using informal conflict management as a first step to resolving differences.  Contact Employee & Labor Relations through HR ServiceNow.

You may also want to review the online course - Conflict Resolution Fundamentals - to get a more general understanding of conflict and options for informal resolution.  (Note:  UCSB Staff have free access to courses.  Go to the link for more information.)

UCSB Threat Management Team

While we encourage you to try to resolve conflicts informally, we do not want you to tolerate or ignore threatening or violent behavior in your workplace. These types of behavior are unacceptable and a potential violation of University policy. You are encouraged to contact the UCSB Threat Management Team (TMT) to report your concerns. TMT members coordinate resources and assist individuals, supervisors, and administrators with responding to such behavior.

Any threats of imminent violence or actual violence should be immediately reported to campus police.



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