Compensation & Classification

Online Application & Classification Information System (OACIS)

At UCSB we have an online system for creating and maintaining job descriptions called OACIS (Online Application and Classification Information System). The system is also used for posting open positions and for applying to open positions.


Applicants can use OACIS to:

  • search for jobs on-line
  • apply for jobs on-line

Supervisors & Managers

Supervisors and Managers can use OACIS to:

  • create job requisitions
  • post and view jobs
  • review applicants
  • hire new employees
  • create new job descriptions
  • update employee job descriptions
  • reclassify (temporary and permanent) positions
  • archive job descriptions
  • set up new account users
  • search for historical recruitment information
  • search for historical classification information

OACIS Requests for Access

If your supervisor is currently a Reviewer or Submitter in the OACIS system, he/she can request a NEW USER online (see "Requesting a NEW USER in OACIS").

You can also ask your supervisor to email Tori Stoeckinger ( with the following information:

  • Name of new user
  • User Type (Preparer or Submitter)
  • Department(s) the user will need access to

Requesting a NEW USER in OACIS

Once you are logged into OACIS:

  • Click CREATE USER ACCOUNT on the left navigation bar under the heading USERS
  • Fill in the user’s employee ID number in the first field and also in the password field and confirm password field (this will prompt the user to change his/her password after logging in for the first time)
  • Fill in the other fields on the form
  • Indicate in the Notes section, what user type you are requesting
  • Click CONTINUE at the bottom of the page
  • Click CONFIRM

For further information, please call Tori Stoeckinger in Employment at 893-3168.

OACIS Tutorials

OACIS Questions?

Contact Tori Stoeckinger in Employment by email at or by phone at 893-3168.