Compensation & Classification


LOGIN TO OACIS (for Managers and Supervisors) - new login URL!!

At UCSB we have an online system called OACIS (Online Application and Classification Information System). It has two modules:

  1. Job Description module (for creating and maintaining job descriptions)
  2. Applicant Tracking and Job Posting module (HISTORICAL ARCHIVE ONLY)

Go to TAM (Talent Acquisition Manager) to apply for a job or to post a job opening.


  • May 7th --> Last day for Managers and Supervisors to post a job in OACIS
  • May 11th --> First day Supervisors and Manager can go into TAM to start drafting Job Openings
  • May 26th --> Last day for Applicants to apply for jobs in OACIS
  • May 29th --> Last day for HireRight (fingerprinting) orders
  • June 1st --> First day that Employment will publicly post job openings in TAM
  • June 1st --> Candidate gateway (for applying to jobs) goes live in TAM
  • June 1st --> New OACIS URL for Supervisors and Managers
  • June 30 --> All recruitments in OACIS must be finalized


Supervisors & Managers

Supervisors and Managers can still use OACIS to:

  • Create new job descriptions
  • Update employee job descriptions
  • Reclassify positions
  • Assign temporary duties
  • Archive job descriptions
  • Set up new account users
  • Search for historical recruitment information
  • Search for historical classification information

OACIS User Accounts:  New and Updates

Requests for New OACIS User Accounts

A supervisor / manager can request a new OACIS user account for their employee who will be responsible for working on OACIS Actions. Requsts can be submitted  either through ServiceNow or OACIS.

     1.  ServiceNow=>Login=>Classification & Compensation=>OACIS Access and User Support

     2. OACIS

  • Login to OACIS
  • Under the USERS heading on the left navigation bar Click CREATE USER ACCOUNT 
  • Fill in the user’s employee ID number in the first field and also in the password field and confirm password field (this will prompt the user to change his/her password after logging in for the first time)
  • Fill in the other fields on the form
  • Indicate in the Notes section, what user type you are requesting (Preparer, Submitter, Reviewer)
  • Click CONTINUE at the bottom of the page
  • Click CONFIRM         


Requests to Update Current OACIS User Accounts can be submitted through 

ServiceNow=>Login=>Classification & Compensation=>OACIS Access and User Support

OACIS Tutorials

OACIS Questions?

If you have questions regarding OACIS access, user accounts, or if you are having technical issues please submit a ticket via ServiceNow=>Login=>Classification & Compensation=>OACIS Access and User Support.