The purpose of life insurance is to help you protect your family's financial security in the event of your death. You should designate a beneficiary immediately upon enrolling in Life insurance.

Basic Life — UC paid

Provides employees eligible for Full Benefits with life insurance equal to annual base salary, up to $50,000.  Coverage is adjusted if appointment is less than 100% time.

Core Life — UC paid

Provides employees eligible for Core of Mid-level Benefits with $5000 of life insurance.

Supplemental and Dependent Life — Employee paid

If you want or need more group coverage for yourself and your eligible family and you are eligible for full or mid-level benefits, you can purchase additional UC group term life coverage called Supplemental Life Insurance and/or Dependent Life insurance plans.

Supplemental:  Provides employees with additional life insurance at group rates. Coverage up to four times annual salary to $1,000,000 maximum.

Expanded Dependent:  Covers spouse or domestic partner for 50% (up to$200,000) of employee’s Supplemental Life amount. Covers each child for $10,000.

Basic Dependent:   $5000 of coverage each for spouse or domestic partner and/or eligible children.

Apply for Supplemental or Dependent Life

If you did not enroll when first eligible, you can submit a short health questionnaire to apply at any time.  Once the questionnaire is submitted and received, Prudential may request additional information before making a decision on whether or not to offer enrollment in supplemental or dependent life insurance.

Apply for Life Insurance outside of a period of initial eligiblity on UCnet

Naming and Changing Beneficiaries

A beneficiary is the person(s) you designate to receive the Life Insurance benefit upon your death.  Sign into your At Your Service Online account to name and change beneficiaries.

Name and Change Beneficiaries


More information on UCnet.

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