Academic & Staff Assistance Program (ASAP)

Management Consultation & Coaching

ASAP provides consultation and coaching to department supervisors and managers who are concerned about employees or particular situations. ASAP can help managers and supervisors assess concerns and move toward constructive solutions. We provide management consultation and coaching for supervisors and departments in the following areas:

  • Difficult Work Relationships
  • Anger in the Workplace
  • Violence & Trauma in the Workplace
  • Substance Abuse in the Workplace
  • Troubled Employees
  • Coping with Change and Loss
  • Death of a Colleague - Email Templates

Here are some additional ways ASAP can help managers and supervisors:

  • Consultation on workplace issues, such as employee behaviors impacting work performance or employees with personal concerns that may be exhibiting poor work performance.
  • Discussion on how to communicate effectively with an employee, or on how to approach a difficult/complex situation.
  • Assistance in developing a course of action plan with a troubled employee.
  • Critical incident response following crisis events such as death of a colleague or student.
  • Consultation around current or anticipated restructuring within your department.
  • Workplace threat of violence assessment and management - in coordination with UCPD and Threat Management Team.
  • On-site small work group facilitation. These may be on specific topics designed to increase employee self-awareness or may be in response to a traumatic event such as a death in the workplace.
  • Workshops and trainings customized to department needs. Topics include but are not limited to: Orientation to Employee Assistance, How to Recognize & Refer Individuals of Concern, and Mindful Communication at Work and Home.
  • Educational materials, including Employee Assistance brochures and handouts.
  • Policy, program and behavioral health benefits consultation.

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