Training & Development

Payroll/Personnel System (PPS)

Payroll/Personnel System (PPS) training is mandatory for those who prepare and/or review personnel transactions and/or process payroll time reporting transactions online.* Regular PPS access is established after the trainee has completed all the training requirements for his/her area of responsibility. (See "Required Courses by User Type" tab below).

Current PPS Preparers and PAN Reviewers, and Time Reporters are invited to re-take any of the courses for review purposes.

* PPS users who have had a break of two years or more from doing PPS entry work are required to re-take the Employee Database Update Lab and complete the homework.

PPS training is offered on a quarterly basis.  To view the course dates and times, see the PPS Course Schedule under the "PPS Enrollment" tab, below.

To register, visit the UC Learning Center website.  Before registering, please be sure to review the required courses for your PPS User Type.

PPS User Types

Preparer –Updates Employee Database (EDB) to change employee data in PPS (personal information, salary rate, etc.). May be assigned to process either Academic or Staff transactions, or both. Function may be as Primary or Backup Preparer.

PAN Reviewer –Reviews Post Authorization Notifications (PAN) generated by the Preparer, providing a secondary check for correctness and appropriateness of transactions. May be assigned to review either Academic or Staff PANs, or both. Function may be as Mandatory or Backup Reviewer.

Time Reporter –Enters time on pay status and other payroll transactions through the Payroll Time Reporting sub-system in PPS. May be assigned to process either Academic or Staff payroll transactions, or both.

Inquiry Only-Gives user access to view employee data in PPS.  User does not have the ability to edit/update employee data.

Required Courses by PPS User Type

PPS Courses

Preparer and/or
Time Reporter

PAN Reviewer

Inquiry Only

PPS Basics




Employee Database Update Lab




Online Time Reporting Lab




PPS Enrollment

1. PPS training is offered on a quarterly basis. For dates and times see the PPS Course Schedule.

2. If attending PPS classes for the first time OR changing departments, participant needs to complete a

Request for PPS Access Request Form.

  • Establishes unique PPS User ID # and password.
  • Send completed form to the Accounting Department.
  • Note: Participant must have a PPS User ID established before attending any of the PPS labs.

3. To enroll in any of the PPS classes please visit the UC Learning Center at:

  • Log in using your UCSB net ID and password
  • Once logged in, enter PPS into the Search field.
  • If taking PPS training for the first time select the PPS Series that correlates to your PPS role:
    o Preparer and/or PAN Reviewer
    o Time Reporter
  • If taking PPS training as a refresher select either the PPS Series that correlates to your PPS role, or register for individual PPS classes
  • Click the Register button and follow the instructions

For detailed instructions on how to enroll in a class please refer to our QuickStart Guide for UC Learning Center.

Questions regarding PPS training? Please email Linda Broen or call x-3482
Questions regarding PPS access? Please contact Business & Financial Services, Computing Support at x-2880.

PPS Log On Test

Due to the hands-on nature of the PPS labs, each attendee must have an active PPS User ID.

Everyone registered for the Employee Database Update Lab, is required to complete the Log On Test PRIOR TO THEIR LAB DATE. This Log On Test ensures that lab participants will be able to log in to the PPS Test Region during their lab time.

Any employee experiencing log on problems should contact Business & Financial Services, Computing Support at x-2880 at least 24 hours prior to their lab date.

PPS Course Descriptions

Courses are presented in the following sequence:

PPS Basics

Accountability in using PPS. Basic PPS navigation. Staff and academic policies and procedures; web resources and where to find detailed information; common PPS actions and codes; who to contact for help.

Required for ALL: Preparers, PAN Reviewers, Time Reporters, Inquiry Only access
Duration: 3.5 hours

Employee Database Update Lab

Demonstration of common staff and academic actions in PPS, followed by hands-on lab which includes instruction and practice of entry/update of personnel transactions in PPS Employee Database (EDB)

Required for: Preparers, PAN Reviewers, Time Reporters

Duration: 3.5 hours
Prerequisite: PPS Basics

On-Line Time Reporting Lab

Hands-on lab which includes instruction and practice of online time reporting.

Required for: Preparers, Time Reporters

Duration: 1.5 hours
Prerequisite: PPS Basics