Training & Development

UCSB offers a wide variety of developmental programs to build job skills for the role you have and to foster the career we hope you develop.   Programs extend to all segments of the workforce.   Check out the many opportunities; classes and workshops, career programs, management development, UC institutes, and training certificate programs.


This event series is presented by the Vice Chancellor of Administrative Services Workgroup for Talented Staff in partnership with Human Resources.  All campus staff are invited to attend.

The Spirit of UBUNTU: The Eight Keys to Create a Workplace Culture of Unstoppable Positivity

Presenter: Shola Richards, Director of Training at UCLA Health

Tuesday, June 20

10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Corwin Pavilion

In this workshop, Shola will introduce the participants to the team enhancing concept of UBUNTU (an African word which translates to “I am, because we are.”) Additionally, Shola will introduce the eight transformative keys of UBUNTU, and demonstrate how anyone can immediately use those keys to make a lasting positive change on his/her work team regardless of job rank, years of experience, level of education or professional title. Additionally, Shola will present three strategies to help the participants to deal more effectively with the most difficult people in their lives (professionally or otherwise), while also ensuring that the participants stay committed to putting these keys into action long after the workshop ends.

Shola is a dynamic keynote speaker, best-selling author of Making Work Work, and award-winning Director of Training at UCLA Health, and a positivity writer with a passionate worldwide following. Shola's articles have been read by readers in over 160 counties, and his work has been featured in Forbes, the Huffington Post, Black Enterprise, Complete Wellbeing INdia, Business Insider Australia, and in numerous other publications all over the world who recognize hiim as an authority on workplace happiness and engagement.

Wired to Grow: The Neuroscience of Learning

Presenter: Dr. Britt Andreatta, Internationall recognized thought leader, author and speaker

Tuesday, August 29

10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Corwin Pavilion

Recent developments in neuroscience illuminate how the brain learns, builds memories, and develops habits. This research is shaping how learning should be designed by educators and experienced by learners. Some scholars argue that learn-ing show now be defined as “an event that produces a permanent neurological change.” This session will identify key findings on the neuro-science of learning and how these principles can enhance instructional de-sign and delivery in education and workplace settings, including the power-ful benefits of blended learning, microbursts and the flipped classroom. In addition, discover how to enhance your own learning through simple tech-niques and strategies.

Drawing on her unique background in leadership, psychology, education, adn the human sciences, Britt has a profound understanding of how to unlock the best in people, helping organizations rise to their potential. She is a seasoned professional with  more than 25 years of experience consulting with business, universities, and nonprofit organzations. Britt has also worked with major educational institutions like the University of California, Dartmouth University, and the University of New Mexico, as well as with non-profit organizations like the YMCA and Norton Healthcare.

Unlocking the Power of Mindful Leadership for 21st Century Leaders

Presenter: Dawa Tarchin Phillips, Director of Education, Center for Mindfulness & Human Potential at UCSB

Tuesday, September 12

10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Corwin Pavilion

Mindfulness has emerged as a key skill for leaders, turning you into a presence others can truly count on for intelligent decision-making and quality of life in business and education. How does a leader begin to turn the corner toward deeper, broader and more authentic leadership presence when the territory ahead is uncharted and past approaches unreliable? How does a leader cultivate focus and awareness that are the basis for long-term inspiration, motivation and trust? This workshop is designed specifically to introduce leaders like you to the practice and science of mindfulness and mindful leader-ship. During the workshop you will expand your leadership acumen and skills, increase your capacity for trust building, learn to better deal with uncertainty and change, increase your emotional intelligence (EQ), cultivate mindful self-awareness and effective communication. Participants will receive practice in-struction and a clear framework for cultivating mindful leadership going forward.

Dawa is a minfulness and meditation expert, author, serial entrepreneur, researcher and educator.  He is the Founder/CEO of Employment Holdings, and co-founder of the Center for Mindfulness and Human Potential at the UCSB.