Criminal Convictions

The University of California, Santa Barbara strives to provide the safest possible work environment; to protect key organizational assets such as people, property, and personal or other sensitive information; and to enable hiring authorities to make prudent employment decisions based upon more comprehensive job-related information. The UCSB Background Check Guidelines, as consistent with Systemwide Personnel Policies for Staff Members - Policy 21.E: Background Checks, apply to positions that are designated as critical. These include career, limited appointment, contract, and casual-restricted (student assistant) employees.

All applicants selected for, or reclassified into, “critical” positions are required to undergo a background check. A Department of Justice (DOJ) and/or Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) background check is a fingerprint check of criminal convictions through the Applicant Live Scan System (Note: DOJ background checks are California-only background checks, and FBI background checks are national background checks. Human Resources recommends that both DOJ and FBI background checks are conducted for applicants/employees who have resided out-of-state.). In accepting a critical position, it is understood that appointment to, or continued employment in, a critical position is contingent upon a satisfactory DOJ/FBI background check. A satisfactory DOJ/FBI background check is defined as the absence of a criminal history record which bears a demonstrable relationship to the applicant’s or employee’s suitability to perform the required duties and responsibilities of the position.