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Some concerns are hard to leave at home.
Some concerns are hard to leave at work.

From time to time your domestic, financial, or other personal problems may adversely affect your work, perhaps decreasing your productivity, jeopardizing your health, or hindering your relations with others.

Leaving work at work is not always easy either. Work problems, whether conflicts with co-workers or supervisors or pressures and deadlines, if left unaddressed, can affect your home life and personal relationships.

ASAP is available to promote the emotional health and well-being of the campus community in a confidential, cost-free setting. We assist individuals and departments in managing and minimizing the impact of stress on the workforce by providing high quality consultation, counseling, and referral services for all faculty, staff, and eligible family members.

We offer a safe, supportive, culturally sensitive environment delivered by skilled clinicians.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact ASAP.