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Counseling & Consultation

Responding to the Tragedy in Isla Vista

In response to the tragedy in Isla Vista that is affecting our campus, local and alumni communities, Human Resources’ Academic & Staff Assistance Program (ASAP) is providing the following links to resources for help with responding to and coping with the emotional and mental trauma resulting from mass shootings. This incident may cause some members of our community to recall or relive prior trauma, private or public. Please share these resources as widely as you wish.

A special note to those in our community who are first responders and those providing services to victims, their families and friends, and services to students, staff and faculty:  We deeply respect and appreciate your service to our community at this difficult time. We offer our heartfelt support for the courageous and difficult work you do. When needed, we are here to support you.

Self Care Resources

  • The Student Emergency Resources website includes up-to-date Academic Advising and Financial Aid information, as well as a list of easy-to-access Counseling resources.

Counseling and Support Resources for Faculty and Staff

Message to Faculty from Student Affairs


Human Resources offers the following programs to help employees with workplace, personal and insurance concerns.

The Academic Staff and Assistance Program offers counseling, counsultation and referral services to enhance your positive mental health, resiliency and worklife balance. 

The Health Care Facilitator Program can help you understand how your health plans work, navigate the health care system and resolve problems you encounter with your UC sponsored health insurance.