An unexpected injury or illness that keeps you out of work for a long time can use up your savings rapidly. Disability insurance can help replace lost wages and can be an important part of your personal financial planning. UC does not participate in the California State Disability Insurance (CA SDI) program.

2017 Disability Insurance Options

If you’ve never thought about disability insurance, this is the year to take a look. During this year's Open Enrollment, all benefits eligible employees may enroll in Voluntary Disability Insurance, you cannot be denied. Disability insurance provides partial wage replacement when you are unable to work due to pregnancy, illness or injury.  UC’s new disability options allow you to tailor your coverage to your needs and budget.  So, if you are currently enrolled or want to enroll, you have disability insurance choices to make.

Open Enrollment is from October 27 to November 22 at 5pm.

Attend a workshop to learn about your options or go to:

Open Enrollment Events Schedule

2016 Disability Insurance Program

Waiting Period

Coverage under both plans is subject to a waiting period, which is the time between the day you are unable to work due to an injury, illness or pregnancy and the day disability benefits start. If you have Short-Term Disability only, the waiting period is 7 days; if you enroll in Supplemental Disability, you may elect a waiting period of 7, 30, 90 or 180 days. That single waiting period will apply to both Short-Term and Supplemental coverage; that is, you will not have a second waiting period at the end of the short-term period.

However, if you have accrued sick leave, you must first use up to 22 working days of sick leave before your benefits start under both Short-Term and Supplemental Disability.

Short-Term Disability

UC provides the Short-Term Disability plan at no cost to you and does not participate in the California State Disability Insurance (SDI) program. Short Term Disability insurance provides coverage if you are unable to work due to a pregnancy/childbirth, non-work-related disabling injury or illness.

The plan pays 55% of your eligible earnings, up to $800 a month for up to 6 months. If covered by Short-term Disability only, the waiting period is 7 days.

Enrollment: If you are in a full benefits position, enrollment in Short-Term Disability is automatic.

For more information, please review the Short-term Disability brochure.

Supplemental Disability

Pays benefits for disabilities due to pregnancy, disabling injury, or illness while under a doctor's direct and continuous care.

Benefits from Short-term Disability and Supplemental Disability combined with all other sources of disability or retirement income pay 70% of eligible earnings up to $15,000 a month, for up to twelve (12) months of temporary disability.

You choose the number of days in the waiting period – 7, 30, 90, or 180 days. To help you choose the Waiting Period that is right for you, please refer to Waiting Period Information.

You pay the cost of the plan. Participation in this plan is voluntary and premiums are completely paid by the employee.

Enrollment for NEW employees:

New employees in a full benefit appointment can enroll in Supplemental disability (link is external) online without providing Evidence of Insurability (also called a Statement of Health) within the first 31 days employment.

Enrollment (after 31 days of employment), or to Reduce your Waiting Period

If you want to enroll in Supplemental Disability or to reduce your waiting period, you will need to submit an Evidence of Insurability (also called a Statement of Health) online application to Liberty Mutual Insurance, our disability insurance company. Liberty Mutual must approve your request before you can make the change.

Please review the Evidence of Insurability Instructions for Online Submission. Visit Liberty Mutual’s secure website at: (link is external) and use the company code: UNIVERSITY to register and create a username and password. Once you are logged into MyLibertyConnection, click on “Complete a Statement of Health” and fill out the requested information. You will receive notification directly from Liberty Mutual on the status of your application.

If approved for Supplemental Disability, please fill out a UPAY850 Enrollment, Change, Cancellation or Opt Out Form (link is external) to enroll and choose your waiting period. Please attach a copy of your approval letter to your signed UPAY850 form and deliver it to the UCSB Benefits office (3101 SAASB), or fax to 805-893-8645, or scan/email to the Disability Benefits Coordinator.

Currently enrolled? Want to Increase your Waiting Period or Cancel:

Increasing your waiting period is an option if you want to continue insurance coverage, but need to lower your monthly premium. To increase your waiting period or to cancel this coverage, only a UPAY 850 Enrollment, Change, Cancellation or OptOut Form needs to be completed. Deliver the completed UPAY850 to the UCSB Benefits office (3101 SAASB), or fax to 805-893-8645, or scan/email to the Disability Benefits Coordinator.

For more information, please contact the Disability Benefits Coordinator.

How the plans work

If you are pregnant or have a disabling illness or injury, you apply for disability benefits by contacting your Benefits Office. In order to receive disability benefits, you must be under a doctor’s direct, continuous care.

More about what the Disability Plans covers.

Cost of Coverage

Short-Term Disability - The University provides the Short-Term Disability Plan at no cost to you.

Supplemental Disability - You pay a monthly premium if you enroll in the Supplemental Disability plan. The premium depends on your age and the waiting period you choose. The longer the waiting period, the lower the monthly premium.

Insurance Premium Calculator on the UCnet website


How to file a Disability claim